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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Business Design

     So far my posts on here have been about weddings but I am also into paper and graphic design-wedding invites, programs/bulletins, posters, business cards and logos and most recently I actually designed a website too!

Euroco Sample Page

I was asked to design a new business card for Euroco and from there stemmed the idea that they need a website address on to put on the business card…one problem-they didn’t have a website!  So from there I got involved in designing a website.  Go check out www.euroco.ca and let me know what you think.  I have dabbled in blog design for myself and others and tinkered around with html code—but more for fun; not a real life, corporate thing…it was somewhat daunting. 

One thing I did realize in designing the website was that the company needed an update on their logo.That was more up my alley. I tried to keep the same theme going so people would still recognize the brand just with a bit of a twist.

Here’s the old logo and business card…Old Business Card
Here’s the new logo I designed…

And here is the logo on the business card…
Front of Card
Back of Card(not sure why this pic is sooo blurry…sorry Sad smile)

I am pretty proud of how they turned out and Cornel and Leia over at Euroco thought they were fantastic. 

Need any logos or business cards designed?  Contact Me!
Full Logo Big

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