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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Business Design

     So far my posts on here have been about weddings but I am also into paper and graphic design-wedding invites, programs/bulletins, posters, business cards and logos and most recently I actually designed a website too!

Euroco Sample Page

I was asked to design a new business card for Euroco and from there stemmed the idea that they need a website address on to put on the business card…one problem-they didn’t have a website!  So from there I got involved in designing a website.  Go check out www.euroco.ca and let me know what you think.  I have dabbled in blog design for myself and others and tinkered around with html code—but more for fun; not a real life, corporate thing…it was somewhat daunting. 

One thing I did realize in designing the website was that the company needed an update on their logo.That was more up my alley. I tried to keep the same theme going so people would still recognize the brand just with a bit of a twist.

Here’s the old logo and business card…Old Business Card
Here’s the new logo I designed…

And here is the logo on the business card…
Front of Card
Back of Card(not sure why this pic is sooo blurry…sorry Sad smile)

I am pretty proud of how they turned out and Cornel and Leia over at Euroco thought they were fantastic. 

Need any logos or business cards designed?  Contact Me!
Full Logo Big

Friday, July 12, 2013

A Rustic Wedding

Rustic Wedding
Well around here it’s Stampede Time.  That’s a pretty big deal for most Calgarians and their neighbors.  For those of you that don’t know, the Calgary Stampede is 10 days of cowboyin’, thrill ridin’, game playin’, eatin’, partyin’ fun.  You can check out their Instagram Page to get the idea. 
So because of the Stampeded mood I was inspired to search out design ideas for a rustic, cowboy style event.  Here we go…(oh and just so you know, I found these pictures through Pinterest-of course- and clicking on the image will take you their site…)
The first thing that sets the tone and mood of your wedding is your invitation.  It’s generally what your guests see first before the wedding that helps them feel what your wedding will be like.
Rustic Vintage Invite
I love this invitation.  It uses vintage type, with a romantic doily and rustic twine or leather string to tie together. 
Of course though, for most brides, the most important thing about their wedding is the dress!
Cowgirl Bride
Rustic often means outdoors, so getting married in nature just fits…
I’m loving the fact that the ladies are in cowboy boots!
outdoor set up
But getting married in the outdoors doesn’t have to be wild.  This setup is so simple but it speaks volumes.  And, of course, for a rustic event hay bales  are a must!
Hay Bale
Having the flowers attach to the end of the bale is such a pretty way to decorate your aisles.
(original photo owner not found)
Using tree stumps is also very rustic; and Mason Jars are everywhere these days but they look just perfect sitting on the stumps.  I really like that there are two different sizes of the jar—one for the flowers and another to hold a tea-light. 
You could also dress up your Mason jars with twine and ribbon.  A very easy DIY.
Twine Wrapped Mason Jars
After the ceremony move your jars to the dinner tables at your reception which would be amazing with wood tables like these.
Wood Tables
Romantic Rustic Table
Subtle Pink Rustic
What about a place for your cake? 
Crates and Cake Display
This use of wooden crates is quite unique.  I like how the pretty, laced cake contrasts with the rustic, ruggedness of the crates.
Send your guests home with adorable jars of jelly.
Personalize the jars with squares of fabric that match your wedding colors, and add little tags done in the same style as your invites.  A favor that is delicious and useful.
Displayed Jar Favors
Enjoy planning your rustic wedding. 
inital logo

Sunday, June 23, 2013

A Vintage Wedding

Invite, Bouquet, Shoes, Dress

Recently my dear friend Brittny, over at Remember When Photography, asked me to participate in a 1940’s stylized wedding photo shoot.  She told me she wanted to do something “Pearl Harbor” inspired and that we had the use of an Airplane Hanger.  Having very little time to get all this done I immediately got to work pulling together idea boards. 

Here is my main table idea board…

Table Ideas

Here is what my ideas turned into…

The Dinner TableDinner Table

Center Piece

Place Setting

 I think my favorite things about the table were the martini glasses and the mix matched vintage tea cups.

I designed the table number and menu to match the wedding invitation and keep to the vintage feel.

Table Number


The Cake & Favor Table

Cake Favor Table

The bouquet in both pictures was created by Christine’s Flower Creations.


The Invitation


I designed the invitation to fit the aviator/vintage theme we had going.  The envelope I made out of hand dyed doilies—took a bit of work and stained fingers to get the blue just right—              

The Save The Date Card…

Save the Date

The Invitation Set…



Reply Card

A Few More Pictures…

Pose 1

 This amazing dress was provided by Wishahmon Glorious Gowns

Airplane Wing

Hair was created by Christina, from Modern Makeover and make-up was done by Jessica's Beauty Service